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In our heart of hearts we know that we are causing climate change..
We are cooking our one-and-only earth and ourselves,.
Earth's climate has changed before, but never so quickly. 
It is a crisis for us - all of us. 

But we can fix it - if we act together and quickly. 

Myth, Reality & Actions

Myth: Carbon Capture will save us and allow Big Oil to keep growing.

Carbon Capture is in its infancy and is currently not commercially viable.
That is why Trump offers to pay Big Oil $50 a ton to encourage commercialisation.
We need carbon capture to draw down all of the excess CO2,
we have pumped into the atmosphere over the past 150 years. 

Carbon Capture is part of the solution.
Reduced demand (through carbon price and dividend) is part of the solution. 
Jobs in Green Tech is part of the solution. 

Reality: all available and new solutions will be needed
to save ourselves from self-inflicted climate change. 

Push for MOREthan Carbon Capture. 

Myth: To fight Climate Change we must stop using all Fossil Fuels Tomorrow

 We will be using fossil fuels for decades if not centuries to come. But we will just be using less of it.
Even Big Oil company admit that global product will peak before 2050.
If it doesn't will be in big trouble - far beyond the climate calamities that we experience today.
The sooner total oil product and use peaks the better for all of us.

The price of wind and solar has fallen fast
and is now the most cost effective forms of energy production.
The smart money is betting on renewables. 

Reality: We can live better electrically.

Induction stove-tops: fast as gas - cook food not your house
If you mostly drive locally, electric vehicles SAVE MONEY
and the environment - incentives are needed 
2019 Wood Mackenzie Global Oil Demand Projections

Our base case: We expect oil demand to peak in 2036
Accelerated decarbonisation: Demand for oil peaks in 2031
After which oil production will decline slowly. 

- Wood Mackenzie is a global natural resources research and consulting company
that provides research and analysis on a wide variety of commodities
across the energy sector.

Myth: We have to give up most of our current way of life to fight climate change.

We do not. We will still be driving cars (or having them drive themselves),  living in warm and cooled homes, But we might be flying less and video-conferencing more  - unless we perfect E-flying at scale.

Imagine, no coal induced smog-days. cleaner air, quieter cars, more walkable ways to live. 

 Reality: We can live better, less polluted lives
with green energy and clean tech. 

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